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Java Clients (web based clients) available for use with AcadianaMOO

Welcome to AcadianaMOO! Acadiana is a virtual space that reflects the geography, culture and humor of Southwestern Louisiana, and is primarily intended as a teaching space. We offer our resources to teachers and students anywhere who wish to work in MOOspace and do not have a home of their own. In addition, AcadianaMOO serves as a research site for rhetoricians interested in virtual communication, collaboration and pedagogy. Finally, we support projects not associated with individual universities or colleges by providing a virtual space to meet.

If you have a project that we might be able to support with characters and file space, please contact Dr. Keith Dorwick (Keith in the moo itself) at kdorwick @ yahoo dot com and the wizards team will be pleased to discuss your request. You are certainly welcome as a guest.

Using this MOO requires a tacit permission that you may find yourself the subject of critical inquiry; however, researchers should note that no character, conversation, object, or event may be quoted, even for scholarly purposes, without the express and written permission of the individuals involved.

Dr. Keith Dorwick, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
(Keith and Gator in the MOO)

Dr. Kevin Moberly, Old Dominion University
(OoglyBooglyBoo and Aristrides in the MOO)

To use this MOO, you will need to download a client (either
the Java Clients found on this site or a client downloaded elsewhere from the WWW (information on other MUD/MOO clients is available here; you can also connect on your PDA or internet connected cellphone). You'll need to configure any non-Java clients you download. After you receive your character (by e-mail) from us, please use our self-guided workshop to customize your character as well.

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Last Modified: July 3, 2009
Contact: kdorwick @ yahoo dot com