AcadianaMOO, port 6556

Guest Access

To enter as a guest, you may use any of the clients linked to this site:

After you've visited, you may request a character of your own.

Using JaMOOka

If you're using JaMOOka, click on "Connect to AcadianaMOO," then on "Login to AcadianaMOO as a Guest."

Using TkMOO

Guests using TkMOO should click "Connect," then on "AcadianaMOO"

After connecting, enter "guest" in the user field, and click "Login" while leaving the password field blank.

Using Cup-O Mud

Guests using Cup-O Mud (an older Java-based client suitable only for discussions/chat and not for editing) should enter "guest" in the command line. No password is necessary.

Hit the enter key.

After Logging In

Upon logging in, please type "help manners" and "help purpose" in the command line.

To see the sights, type "@add-feature explorer" in the command line; then type "explore" and you will be taken to a room at random. To logoff, close the browser window.



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Last Modified: December 10, 2005