AcadianaMOO, port 6556

Connecting with your PDA

Busy travellers might find it necessary to connect with AcadianaMOO without having their home or office computer available. The easiest way to do so is through use of our two Java clients; all you need is a computer that runs the most current version of Java and you can log in just as if you were at home or work.

Sometimes, however, you might have to connect using your PDA, assuming you have (and pay for) a data connection that supports telnet and other data streams; we can't support all PDAs but the following instructions will work for a Palm Treo 650 running a shareware add-in called CS Online. They can be modified for other PDAs with a little effort. These instructions assume you know how to install .prc files on the Palm or their equivalent on other handhelds.

First, go to the CS Online home page and download the trial version of CS Online. It's free for thirty days or a limited number of accesses.

Click on "Try CS Online Now!"

On the next page, click on Auto Install! (psi) if you're using your cell phone's browser or on Download Zip if you're on your desk or  laptop. The best choice is for you to use Auto Install on your cell phone; the installation will proceed automatically.

Now configure CS Online to connect to AcadianaMOO.

1. On your Palm Treo, click the Applications button (it has an icon of a house and is located to the upper left of the navigation tool) and scan for CS Online. It will appear in the views for all applications and in unfiled applications by default..

2. Click on the icon for CS Online.

CS Online with icon of computer screen

3. You'll see a blank screen:

4. Click on the Menu Button to bring up the communications screen you'll need to configure to connect to AcadianaMOO. Click "Options" then "Communications"

5. Set up the configuration for AcadianaMOO. The options are host ( and port (6556). Click on the "Telnet" button. Click "OK"

If you ONLY visit AcadianaMOO, and won't use this client for visiting any other server (such as a university Unix machine), skip steps 6 through 11. Go to step 12.

Otherwise you'll want to set up mutiple configuration profiles for future sessions.

6. Click on "Options" then on "Sessions"

7. Click on "New"

8. Enter AcadianaMOO as the session name. Click on "OK"

9. Click on AcadianaMOO in the Sessions List and click on the "Edit" button.

10. You'll be asked if you want to "replace the selected session with the current sessions." Click "OK"

11. Click "Use"

Repeat steps 4 to 11 to create a number of profiles for various telnet connections. Otherwise go on to step 12 and connect to AcadianaMOO.

12. Click "Session" and then click "Connect"

You'll see the entrance screen to AcadianaMOO. Use the command line to enter commands and the return button to send them.

This client saves up to ten comnmands; you can pull them up for reuse by clicking on the down arrow next to the Send button.

Note: "Send" only sends the command to the MOO; it does not transmit a final return. You'll need to do that with the return button anyway. The return button is located on the Treo 650 keyboard next to the period.


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